PUPPIES are coming soon!!!

It’s been 19 months since we’ve had a litter of bouncing Buhund puppies! It’s hard to believe that Cherokee’s last litter of 8 healthy and beautiful Norwegian Buhund puppies is almost 2 years old already!!! With that said, it’s time for another litter……or 2!!! I am very excited to announce that we are expecting 2 litters of Buhund puppies in just a couple short weeks! Cherokee (Zodiac’s Remember The Cherokee) and been bred again to (Zodiac’s Magni Catoson) and is due around March 22, just 3 weeks from today!

Cherokee's puppy bump

Cherokee’s puppy bump


Cato (Zodiac's Magni Catoson)

Cato (Zodiac’s Magni Catoson)










Our black female Vision Acres Storm aka “Stormie” has also been bred to a beautiful black male, Trollheimen Wisdom Of The World aka “Odin” and is due around March 16th, just 2 weeks away!

rare black female Norwegian Buhund "Storm"

rare black female Norwegian Buhund “Storm”

Odin (stud)

Odin (stud)



This will be Stormie’s first litter and we couldn’t be more excited to see what these 2 beauties produce!

We are currently accepting reservations and deposits for BOTH litters! To reserve your puppy today from either litter, please email us at  roseshadowranch@yahoo.com when reserving your puppy, please specify which bitch you would like your puppy from, Cherokee or Stormie. Also, please specify male or female and color, wheaten or black. We also need to know if you are interested in a pet quality puppy or a show quality puppy.

Stay tuned for updates…….