What’s Happening Around the Ranch

Been busy around here but what else is new.  The new peeps are doing well and starting to feather out already.  Unfortunately we’ve lost 2 quail babies and 1 has bad eyes that keep getting stuck shut for some reason, so I’m having to clean them and open them up several times a day so the poor thing can find the food and water.

Moved the big cage a.k.a grow out brooder, outside so the youngsters got their first taste of spending the night outside for the first time last night and it got down to a chilly 51 degrees, but they’re all doing well this morning.

I still have 6 Seramas that need new homes ASAP!  With the cooler weather moving in and the cold being here before we know, the flock will soon need to be cooped up at night and there isn’t enough room for them.  So if anyone local is interested, send me an email roseshadowranch@yahoo.com  I have them priced to sell quick at an unbelievable price for Seramas!

Still have 10 eggs in the bator.  This will be my last hatch till spring (boo-hoo).  It saddens me to pack my bator away but chicks are too hard to find homes for in the winter months.

Our pregnant alpaca “Buffy” is due in a little over a month so the excitement is building!  Hoping for another grey girl.  Buffy has been amazing with giving us gorgeous girls, so fingers are crossed for another.

The gardens are starting to wind down.  Tomatoes, peppers and corn are just about the only things still producing so I’m really hoping for a day soon that I can get out there and pull all the spent plants and replace with some others that will give us a fall harvest, but it’s getting late so we’ll see.

That about wraps it up around here.  How are things at your place?