Two weeks to go. A few more available.

Here are Storm and Geronimo’s puppies today at six weeks.  Trying to get puppies to sit still for a photo is not easy!  They are all about the same size, the pictures are not all framed exactly the same.  A few of these rare puppies are still available and for those of you who are waiting, only two weeks to go!  They are all doing great and growing very fast.  We weighed them today and they all gained almost a pound and some did gain a pound in a week.  Contact us for availability.

#1 Black Female 01182017

#2 Wheaten Female 01182017

#3 Black Male 01182017

#4 Wheaten Male 01182017

#5 Black Female 01182017

#6 Black Female 01182017

#7 Wheaten Female 01182017

#8 Wheaten Male 01182017

















Buhund puppies really grow fast! 5 1/2 weeks old! Reservations still available!

A few beauties here for you!  Showing off their cuteness.

A Norwegian Buhund is about 18 inches at the shoulder and between 30-35 lbs.  They are a herding breed known for their cleanliness, intelligence, loyalty and affection.  The all around family farm dog, they are also very rare and unique in the dog world.  This litter will be eight weeks old on February 1st.  Please contact us for availability.

#1 Black Female 011417










#1 Black Female 011417








#3 Black Male 011417










#3 Black Male 011417










#4 Wheaten Male 011417







#4 Wheaten Male 011417










#5 Black Female 011417










#5 Black Female 011417










#8 Wheaten Male 011417










#8 Wheaten Male 011417










Contact us for more information.  Reservations are still available!

Thank you for your interest in Norwegian Buhunds!

Puppies Four weeks old! And a few are still available!

All 8 01042017






Four weeks old already!  Time flies when you are having fun!  Only four weeks to go for those of you who are waiting for their babies to come home forever!  They started on their solid food today and they loved it!  Puppy kibble soaked in diluted warm bone broth with a little green beef tripe. An important nutrient rich diet is crucial to their development. If you’re not familiar with how these 2 doggie super foods are beneficial, check them out on They love to play with their toys and be snuggled.

#1 Black Female 01042017








#2 Wheaten Female 01042017









#3 Black Male 01042017








#4 Wheaten Male 01042017







#5 Black Female 01042017








#6 Black Female 01042017









#7 Wheaten Female 01042017








#8 Wheaten Male 01042017








Please contact us for more information and availability!







Puppies, puppies, puppies and a few are still available!

Here they are! The new babies from Storm and Geronimo.

Please contact us for updates about availability…

#1 Black Female 12282016










#2 Wheaten Girl 12282016










#3 Black Male 12282016










#4 Wheaten Male 12282016










#5 Black Female 12282016










#6 Black Female 12282016










#7 Wheaten Female 12282016










#8 Wheaten Male 12282016










Please feel free to contact us for more information or with any questions you may have.

Puppies now available!

Rose Shadow’s Geronimo Sire of Storm’s litter 12072016

Vision Acres Storm owned by Rose Shadow Ranch




Hi,  We are now announcing that the waiting list period is over and puppies are available for breeding prospect reservation and pet reservations as pets are available.

Please contact us for more information.

AKC @ –

Here we have pictures of Storm’s Sire and Dam.

Pictures of the puppies are our next post!!

One and Only! One Beautiful Black Female Buhund Puppy – At her forever home!

Here she is.  She is an only puppy from our beautiful girl with many Champions sired, Cherokee looking for her fur-ever home.  Born 7/14/2016 her parents are Dam Zodiac’s Remember the Cherokee and Sire CH Nordspetsens Kuzco.    This is a AKC Norwegian Buhund Beauty Girl.  We are going to have a difficult time letting this one go………….


Hello world.

She is one of only three known black Buhunds in the state of Michigan.  Rarest of the rare.

I am sweet and spunky, very outgoing and a very typical Norwegian Buhund.

I will make a great addition to your home or to your foundation stock.

Unique genetics.  She is the only puppy in a pair that will not be bred again.


I love to be held and played with.

Love my tennis ball.

I can pick it up!

She has no white on her chest at all.  Just the twinkle toes on back right foot.





Hi Mom!

Yes she tolerates this, for hours.

One little puppy, all we have to offer at this time, for one of the luckiest people in the world.

Then there was One!

The One 07172016
Well, after the long wait the puppies are here. I should say puppy. there was only one. After two huge litters, for Buhunds, of eight each, Cherokee has decided that mass production is to difficult.
This time she decided that she should make the very best puppy she could make.
She has succeeded in the best way possible.
She has given birth to the most beautiful and rare all black female puppy.
She has only a tiny bit of white on her two back feet on her middle toes.
She is Buhund perfection epitomized.
Now we have a difficult dilemma, to whom shall we entrust this treasure?

How I Do It All

Whether you work outside the home, run a farm, homeschool a dozen kids or just have a busy life, I’m sure you stress on how you’ll fit in time to get chores done before things get out of hand. Am I right? Well, I am just like that too, minus the homeschool a dozen kids part, we just have 2 hahaha. I am often asked, “how do you do it all?” Truth is, I don’t, but I am constantly working! Time management and the skill of multitasking is key! By nature, I am a scatter brain! I get easily distracted. I could be cleaning the bathroom and take the dirty hand towels to the laundry room only to end up switching over the laundry, then folding what I just took out of the dryer and putting it away before I go back to cleaning the bathroom. That’s what I mean by distracted. However, the folding and putting away may happen many hours later but you get the idea. There are days where I simply wake up out of energy but I push myself to always….everyday…..keep up with things like laundry and dishes. Of course with just those 2 chores, there’s still animal care and meal prep and some days, that’s all I manage to do. I’m going to walk you through a day last week that I packed in a huge load of work! This is typical for me.

Here goes it…..

7:00am Wake up, let dogs out, make coffee, brush my teeth at which point my 7 year old usually rolls out of bed.

7:30-8am Head out to take care of chickens, turkeys and rabbits then start a load of laundry.

8:30-9am Breakfast for my daughter and I. My husband is a night owl and my son is a tween who needs more sleep now. More often than not, breakfast and lunch are a fend for yourself meal since we do tend to run on different schedules. Dinner time is a family meal always!

9:30am Clean the kitchen usually from the night before or just empty the dishwasher and wipe down the counters.

10am I usually jump in the shower by now. Followed by one later at night if farm life gets too dirty. I am the type of person who needs a shower to get motivated.

10:30am time for dog duty again, this time it’s feeding. Stay tuned for another post on that which is time consuming since our dogs are fed more than just plain old dog food.

11:00am the kids get given their chores for the day and school work usually begins if it’s a book work day. Our homeschool consists of both an unschooling method and a sit down book work more of a structured type of method, just depends on the day, because farm life is busy ya’ll!

Ok, so that’s a pretty typical day thus far, but on this particular day, I had already managed to get our 600 sq. ft. garden tilled in between all that other stuff! Time management was my friend on this day. I may have only had 10 or 15 minutes at a time to till but let’s face it, tilling can go quickly. Especially since I had already done the clean out and put in compost back in the fall!

Noon-5pm Lunch followed by more work. On this particular day, I weeded our onion and garlic garden, dusted the living room and ceiling fans and cleared off the kitchen table which is always the spot we all plop down our arm load of stuff when we walk in the door, it’s a daily battle to keep it cleared off which we fail at…..miserably, just keeping it real (wink)!

5:30pm time to start supper

6:30pm eat supper and clean up

7:00pm feed dogs. this feeding is more basic than the morning feeding, so it takes a lot less time.

7:30-8:15pm time to feed, water and lock up the chickens, turkeys and rabbits for the night.

After I come in from nighttime farm chores, I’m dead tired, but I got out of running kids to their event tonight. Boy Scouts for our 12 year old was tonight’s event and since my husband is an Eagle Scout himself, he’s usually the one who takes our son to this anyway.

So, that’s a day in the life of this lady. Days like today, I amaze myself at my capabilities in getting so much done in 1 day, but that’s how I do it, time management and multitasking! You didn’t know I had a clone with 18 arms did you bwahahaha.

Stormie’s First Litter Is Here!

Our beautiful and rare black beauty “Stormie” has finally had her first litter! On Friday January 22, 2016 she delivered a healthy litter of 3 males!

rare black female Norwegian Buhund "Storm"

rare black female Norwegian Buhund “Storm”

Allow me to take you back on our journey with Stormie……

Stormie came to us at 13 months old (she’s now 4 years old) she was a kennel dog, never socialized or trained in any way! She was afraid of EVERYTHING from people to stepping foot inside the house, to stairs and even the TV! We were determined to make her a house dog with all our others and make her part of our family. Let me just say, this dog is AMAZING! She is one smart cookie! It didn’t take long before she was house broken and following simple commands. Now she is our best listener and a big spoiled lap dog! If you’ve been following us long enough, you might even remember her 8 week long runaway journey less than 2 months after we moved to our farm. In case you don’t know that story, here’s a quick recap…..she had gotten out of the yard and was lost for 8 WEEKS!! No one could catch her! Remember, she’s afraid of people from never being socialized as a puppy. We tried everything to get her back, we wallpapered our town, had search crews out day and night…..we spared no expense in finding her. After 8 weeks and 1 day, a very stormy Spring day, brought Stormie home! Go figure, a storm brought Stormie home! Prior to her 8 week long adventure we had her artificially inseminated. While she was lost, we feared she would deliver her puppies out in the woods somewhere and not only would she be lost out there, but her puppies too! Thank God, the procedure didn’t take and she did NOT have puppies out there somewhere! That was breeding attempt #1. Breeding attempt #2 took place almost a year later. This time she was bred naturally and for some unknown reason, that breeding also did not take and there was once again, no puppies to be had by Stormie. That brings us to today. Another year has gone by at this point and we once again attempted to breed our rare and beautiful black beauty. Voila’! Luck was on our side this time and as mentioned at the top, she delivered 3 healthy male puppies!

Stormie's 3 male Buhund puppies

Stormie’s 3 male Buhund puppies

I’m also happy to report that considering her puppies seem to be in high demand, they were all spoken for by 2 days old! Well…..let me clarify, 2 were all spoken for……we had been hoping and praying to get an all black male from her with minimal white markings which is typical for a black Norwegian Buhund and low and behold, she delivered that puppy we have longed for!

Stay tuned for more updates on this sweet and special all black male that we are currently calling “Smokey.”

All black male Buhund we dreamed of!

All black male Buhund we dreamed of!