Growing Potatos In Feed Bags

Potato Plant in Feed Bag


Back in the spring I decided to try growing potatoes in clean, empty feed bags.  The kind that are made of that plastic/nylon material.  I was so pleased with the results so I thought I’d share how I did it with you.




1.  You will need empty, clean feed bags, however many you wish.

2.  Roll the sides down about 3/4 of the way.

3.  Poke several holes in the bottom and on the sides around the bottom for drainage.

4.  Fill with about 4 inches of potting mix.

5.  Place seed potatoes on top of the potting mix, eyes up. I put in about 6 pieces.

6.  Cover seed potatoes with another 4 inches of potting mix.

7.  Keep moist but not wet.

8.  After the plants have started to grow and there is 2 layers of greens, cover entirely with more potting mix.  You will also have to roll the sides up a bit.  By covering the plants up with soil, this will yield more potatoes.  If you skip this step, you won’t have as big a harvest.

9.  Once you have completely filled the bags, keep soil moist and once the plants start to die off, it’s time to harvest.  Simply turn the bag upside down and you’ll see lots of fresh potatoes! No digging required!

Potato Harvest

So now you have potatoes, now what?  Do not wash, put in a cardboard box and place in a cool, dark area like a basement for a few weeks to cure.  Then rub off any loose dirt and eat or, depending on the variety, store.  Easy Peasy!