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Email us at – roseshadowranch@yahoo.com

Call Ted’s cell – 248 408 0310  leave a message if you reach voicemail, thank you.

email us at – roseshadowranch@yahoo.com

Rose Shadow Ranch was founded in 2007, when we bought our first alpaca “Buffy” a pregnant dam.  Today, we no longer own alpacas but still remain very much involved with the farm that we purchased our first alpaca from.

We also raise, show, and breed a rare herding breed of dog, the Norwegian Buhund.  We bought our first puppy “Zodiac’s Legend of Thunder” whom we call “Thor” 14 years ago. Sadly, he crossed the rainbow bridge at nearly 16 years old on August 8th 2012. Today, we have 4 others and 1 of them is a very rare beautiful black female.

rare black female Norwegian Buhund "Storm"

rare black female Norwegian Buhund “Storm”

Raising Backyard Chickens has become my favorite hobby to date!  We currently have 13 chickens of various breeds.

We also raise Coturnix Quails and just added turkeys for meat this past summer of 2014.

In January of 2014 Rose Shadow Ranch moved from our small city property to a “real” farm on 10 acres. After moving here, we learned we bought a hay field! We pride ourselves in keeping our hay field organic and lush! We have spent our first year renovating and remodeling the house. We also broke ground for gardens and started our small orchard, all organic and non-gmo. In 2015 we will focus on wrapping up all projects that were started in our first year. We will also take necessary steps towards living more self sufficiently and self reliantly. We will hopefully add to the animals that currently reside here and maybe even add a few more species. We will plant more fruit trees in our orchard, build more garden beds, build a wood shed, put in a fenced “dog yard,” and perhaps start building a new barn! The plans here are endless and we look forward to growing.

our organic hay field

our organic hay field

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