Stormie’s Recovery Update

Our sweet Stormie has been home for 1 week now and is doing great overall! After 8 weeks and 1 day of running in the wild, we took her to the vet for a thorough exam to make sure she was in good health. God only knows what she had been eating! Her weight was perfect for being on the run for that long and no parasites were detected! She does however, have fleas and 1 tick was found on her resulting in a positive blood test for lyme disease. The good news is, the count came in very low which means she will not need any treatment to cure her of the disease. She will go back in 4 weeks for another test and a follow up lyme disease booster. She has had a nice bath and has started a monthly flea and tick treatment with frontline.

Storm 4

So now that she is finally home, we get to go out and take down about 1200 flyers! Those took us 8 weeks to put up, so I’m sure it will take that long to get them back down again. We have a good start already! Just look at them all in the picture below. That’s only about 100 of them! Taking them down is not an easy task. When most of them went up, there was a lot of snow on the ground which created mounds around the base of the telephone poles and trees. So now that Spring had sprung and the snow has melted, some are almost impossible to get to because they are either quite high up on the trees and poles or there are now beautiful plants and flowers growing around them! Boy how things have changed in just 8 weeks! Not to mention the creepy crawlers who have taken up residence behind some of them!

We would again like to thank everyone who helped us in any way with getting our girl home and for those who have also helped in getting all those flyers taken down. Words can not describe the gratefulness we feel to each and every one of you!