Ways to Recycle Wood Pallets

So there’s been a lot of talk these days about recycled wood pallets and how you can use them in and around your home.  I wanted to share with you a couple ways we have recycled wood pallets.

I have made a raised garden for my strawberries using a wood pallet.  I simply stapled burlap (you can also use landscape cloth) to one side and around the edges to hold the dirt in.  Then I flipped it over and filled it with dirt and planted my strawberry plants.  (I’m hoping that this will help contain the very invasive strawberry plants.)

We also used a wood pallet to make garden stakes to hold up the welded wire fence around the garden.  My hubby simply took a pallet apart and made stakes using a table saw.

There are so many uses for old wood pallets.  If you’ve recycled wood pallets, please leave us a comment on how you used them and share a picture too.

Recycled Wood Pallet Garden Stakes for FenceRecycled Wood Pallet Strawberry Garden