Meet “Storm” Our Newest Addition!!

I would like to introduce you to our newest addition to our family, this is “Vision Acres Storm” we call her “Stormie.”  She came to us from a farm in West Virginia.  She is 1 year old, and even though she looks different from our other Buhunds, she is indeed still a Norwegian Buhund!  Did you know they also come in black!  They do!  Black is a rarer color and we are thrilled we now have one!  Cherokee is happy she now has a friend to run and romp around with.  Thor and Freya are just too old to play “wolf wars” anymore.


Vision Acres Storm’s parents are: Sire~Cascilius Hugo Boss and Dam~Trollheimen’s Reba Rocks.

Storm 1

Prior to coming to live with us, Storm was just a farm dog who ran with her dog Mom outside in a kennel.  She has never had any training or learned any house manners (as luck would have it, she came crate trained at least).  I really thought we were going to have our work cut out for us with her.  Her first week here went really well!  I was shocked!  We never even heard her bark (a rarity for Buhunds!)  Her second week here, she started to show more of her true colors!  She had a couple of accidents in the house and even chewed a couple minor things!  She barks more now too (I knew the no barking thing was too good to be true!)

Storm 2

Today, “Storm is still learning the rules of the house and yard, but overall is doing quite well in her new home.  We still need to keep an eye on her while she’s outside.  I’m also continuing to teach her not to chase the chickens (she is a herding breed after all, but I trained Cherokee so I have hope) or chew up things that don’t belong to her.  Have I mentioned that Buhunds are extremely smart!  She hasn’t had any more accidents in the house and she seems to be getting more confident and less skiddish.  We hope with a little more effort, we can get her in the show ring and a lot less shy.

She has become a nice addition to our family, she just adores the kids (no surprise there, as Buhunds love children, they are wonderful family dogs), and we look forward to seeing her offspring! Storm 4

Storm 3

Storm 6

Storm 5

She’s so black that she’s hard to get a good picture of, she has the most beautiful dark eyes that blend right in with her color!  We believe she is perfect according to breed standards!

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