Stormie Update: 1 Month Home

June 12th marked 1 month since Stormie came home! 1 month already!? It’s hard to believe isn’t it!

After 8 weeks and 1 day on the run and 1 month back home, she continues to do well. She is definitely different but yet the same. She still loves attention and is the “attention hog” and a big baby! Thunderstorms once scared her, but now they terrify her! She used to just bark at loud claps of thunder but now she shakes like a leaf in the wind.

She lived threw many storms while on the run for those 8 long weeks, and just about every kind of storm our area sees. Thunderstorms, snow storms, high winds, hail etc.. and if you remember, it was a stormy day that finally brought our Stormie home! She just gave herself up to a complete stranger and we believe she did so because that day in particular was a bad storm day around here and she had just had enough of being alone, scared, wet and cold!

She went back to the vets on her 1 month anniversary of being back home for another check up and another dose of lyme disease vaccine. She’s doing great!

We continue to spoil her and give thanks for her homecoming! We are blessed indeed!

DSC03249 storm f s 10-4-12

Stormie’s Recovery Update

Our sweet Stormie has been home for 1 week now and is doing great overall! After 8 weeks and 1 day of running in the wild, we took her to the vet for a thorough exam to make sure she was in good health. God only knows what she had been eating! Her weight was perfect for being on the run for that long and no parasites were detected! She does however, have fleas and 1 tick was found on her resulting in a positive blood test for lyme disease. The good news is, the count came in very low which means she will not need any treatment to cure her of the disease. She will go back in 4 weeks for another test and a follow up lyme disease booster. She has had a nice bath and has started a monthly flea and tick treatment with frontline.

Storm 4

So now that she is finally home, we get to go out and take down about 1200 flyers! Those took us 8 weeks to put up, so I’m sure it will take that long to get them back down again. We have a good start already! Just look at them all in the picture below. That’s only about 100 of them! Taking them down is not an easy task. When most of them went up, there was a lot of snow on the ground which created mounds around the base of the telephone poles and trees. So now that Spring had sprung and the snow has melted, some are almost impossible to get to because they are either quite high up on the trees and poles or there are now beautiful plants and flowers growing around them! Boy how things have changed in just 8 weeks! Not to mention the creepy crawlers who have taken up residence behind some of them!

We would again like to thank everyone who helped us in any way with getting our girl home and for those who have also helped in getting all those flyers taken down. Words can not describe the gratefulness we feel to each and every one of you!

Stormie is Lost and Found!!!!

DSC03249 storm f s 10-4-12

Rose Shadow Ranch has had a MIRACLE happen!

March 16, 2014, a Sunday and a full moon, our sweet and beautiful black Norwegian Buhund dog Stormie got out of our fenced in yard and ran away! The next 8 weeks and 1 day tells a story that only she can truly tell, but since dogs can’t speak english, I will tell you about her amazing journey thru our eyes.

It was noon on Sunday March 16, 2014 and I asked our son to please go let the dogs out. He did as I asked and 5 minutes later (maybe 10) I asked him to let them back in. When he went to do so, he discovered that 3 of our 4 dogs were not in the yard! 3 of us ran in different directions calling for them. “Mo” was the first to respond and was only on the other side of the neighbor’s fence. “Lakota” was quickly close behind. She was 2 houses down running with another dog and chasing the horses. With both Mo and Lakota back safely in the house with Cherokee, we again went in different directions looking for “Stormie.” 3 hours later my Dad came to visit and started in on the search. He found Stormie on the railroad tracks and called to her. That’s when she started running! He called me and I flew down our dirt road at 60 mph trying to stop her from crossing N. Holly Rd. I could see her running at top speed right for the road and across it she went, up a hill thru deep snow and she was gone before I could even get close. At this point, she is already 1 mile from home! I drove back to the house and grabbed her buddy “Cherokee” (the only dog that didn’t escape the yard) I took Cherokee to the last spot I saw Stormie at and walked her pretty far back in a field thru VERY deep snow! The snow in some places was up to my thighs!  My husband walked the woods that I saw her run in to. 30 minutes or so in, we decided we needed to go ahead of where she was headed, so out we went. We are now about 4-5 hours into the search for Stormie.

DSC01124 pup 7 1-29-12 f

After I had to head home with the kids my husband continued to look and call for her until 4:30am Monday morning with no luck! At 7:00 am I searched for a little bit before I had to head to work, then my husband took over again. Now we were armed with flyers and we flagged down every person we came in contact with and those just driving along. Later Monday afternoon, my husband found someone who had seen her earlier in the morning around 8:30am standing at the corner of a road just over a mile from our house. She took off heading west and so the search began westward. Again, we searched day and night and I even took a pillow and 1 of our other dogs, and spent the night just parked in my van with it running and windows open (only a couple inches) because it was so cold this night, with a low of 5 degrees! The hope was that Stormie would smell us and approach the van to come home. It was a long cold night of nothing Monday night.

Tuesday March 18, 2014   It was about 7pm when I noticed a black figure moving in the distance. IT WAS HER!!  She was in a field about 3 miles west of our home. I got out of my van and started calling her. She slowly started to come to me when a man and his son on 4 wheelers came up to help and scared her away. Again we searched day and night calling for her.

Thursday March 20, 2014. We learned she was seen crossing a lake and it seemed she was heading back towards home again. I had left a scent trail the night before of fur from the other dogs and kibble leading all the way back to our house, maybe she was following it. Now she’s a mile and a half or so away from home. Again, we searched day and night, calling out for her.

Tuesday March 25, 2014 (9 days into the search)

this time, I got to see her again after a lead from a caller came in as to her whereabouts and sure enough it was her! This time she was quite far from home (about 3 miles by the crow flies) and about to cross a main road for the first time in her journey. I was maybe 50 feet from her when she bolted again and so quickly she was out of my sight! About an hour later I spotted her again about a mile northeast of where she was seen in the field by the main road. Again, she bolted, crossed my path without my knowing it and headed back west towards that field I saw her in an hour earlier. My husband hiked the woods that her tracks lead in to and followed them until he couldn’t follow them anymore. Then we got another call that she was back on the road I spotted her on earlier. She was running circles around me this day. I had no idea at the time that this would be the last time I would see her until her homecoming.

storm puppy2

Thursday March 27, 2014, we had 2 reported sightings of her in a small subdivision in town. She has now crossed that main road.

In between all of these reported sightings, we were trying to stay ahead of her with posting fliers everywhere!


Tuesday April1, 2014 she was sighted at a home where she took off running again! She is now farther south about 6-7 miles from home.

Saturday April 5, 2014 another reported sighting. Now she’s in a whole new town about a 15-20 minute drive from our home.

Wednesday April 9, 2014 sighted again about 2 miles from her last sighting still heading south.

By this time, we believed she was following the railroad tracks trying to get back to our old house 45 minutes south of where we live now. We were also concerned that she may have puppies out there with her. She was bred back in February and we did not know if she was indeed expecting when she ran away. The next few weeks get interesting because we thought there was a good chance she did have puppies and was sticking around the area.  There was reported sightings on 4/17, 4/21, 4/25 and 5/2/2014 we later learned that a couple of these sightings that were on the same street were NOT her. A neighbor on that street has a dog that has a strong resemblance to our Stormie and is often out running around. At this point we realized our trail had run cold and we had no idea where to start again.

Again, in between all these sightings, we were still posting fliers and setting a live trap and we even started putting up flyers in areas we hadn’t visited yet in directions we really didn’t think she was, but we had to try anything to get back on track with her. We were also visiting and calling all shelters, animal rescues and controls, and veterinary hospitals. We had weird people starting to call and even got a couple scares. 1 was a road kill call on a highway and another was a coyote attack. You can’t even begin to imagine how we were feeling missing our girl.

Sunday May 4, 2014 sighted yet again much more south and now, very much in the city with lots of very busy roads. No more woods and farmer’s fields, just residential neighborhood after neighborhood.

We would not have another call about her for 8 days!

Monday May 12, 2014  8 weeks and 1 day she’s been missing now! Just a few days away from 2 whole months on the run. It was dinner time, about 5:45 or so and I was at work when a woman called me and asked if I had seen a post from someone on facebook about a black dog that has been found in the next city over from us. I quickly hung up my smart phone so I could look into it. The second I saw the picture I knew it must be her! 5 minutes later I got another call rom a woman who said, “Hi Christa? I think I have your dog!” I asked her to describe her to me and knew in my soul IT WAS HER! I just broke down crying! I left work and raced to her home a half hour away from my work. In the meantime, my husband was on his way there and was closer then I was so I anxiously waited for him to call! According to my GPS, I was 2.5 miles away from her location when he called me to say, “IT’S HER! IT’S OUR STORMIE! SHE’S IN MY CAR AND WE ARE ON OUR WAY HOME!!” I was sobbing when I pulled over to turn around and race back home to see my girl.

At 6:30 Monday 5/12/14 My husband and children brought Stormie home! She was found by an Angel who Stormie knew would help her get home. The only person in this whole ordeal that was able to get Stormie to come to her. We don’t know why, other then this day was a bad weather day with heavy flooding rains and strong storms with high winds. Stormie hates the rain, was tired and had had enough. Her 8 week and 1 day adventure came to an end and we were reunited with our sweet baby girl. She was found 9.6 miles away from our home! An overwhelming joy and many tears of happiness were shed by all.

Tuesday, the day after she came home, we took her to the vet for a thorough exam after all that. $315 later we learned, she has fleas and 1 tick and nothing more! Not a scratch on her! It’s as if someone else was taking care of her. She was tested for lyme disease (among others) and vaccinated (she was due in a month anyway). She came home and had a nice bath and a venison dinner. She was finally reunited with the other 3 dogs that we were keeping her away from until she saw the vet just as a precautionary. The vet said she was in excellent condition for all she’s been thru! Her blood work did test positive for lyme disease and she is being medicated for that.

Those 8 weeks and 1 day were the hardest of my/our life! Not knowing from day to day if we would ever see her again! Not knowing if she was ok or even still alive! Not knowing anything really other then we missed her so much and she had ran away with big chunks of our hearts. We looked for her EVERYWHERE we went and swore we would never stop unless we had a body or enough years had passed for her to be dead of natural causes or the ultimate, her back home! I really wish she could tell us her story. Whether or not she could hear us all the times we called for her. I can only imagine the wild critters she encountered! From skunks to fox, raccoon to deer, horses to cows and even coyote, how did she manage to stay safe from them? How did she stay safe crossing all the roads? What was she eating? Oh the questions I would ask if only she could tell me. The most important thing anyone can do if ever faced with such a tragedy is NEVER GIVE UP!! Have faith that God will hear and answer your prayers in HIS time. Trust and believe!

We want to thank each and every one of you who helped in any way to get Stormie home! We are deeply touched by the generosity of time that those who came out to drive around and search gave. For my friend Nicole in Arizona who created and managed a twitter account for Stormie. For those who spent their own money printing out flyers and putting them up. To my Step Mom and Mom who both donated several flyers and my step mom who loaned us a high powered spotlight to help search the fields at night. To my friend Mickie who loaned us her coyote live trap. To my brother in law Ray who spent much time calling all the animal shelters and vets in the area to make a report. To everyone from the Louie facebook groups who helped us keep up with the posts and comments and for coming out to search. To our friend Terry who created the maps with her sighting pinpoints.  To all the folks who prayed so diligently for her safe return. To the Oakland Press for covering Stormie’s story and getting the word out. To The Holly Express for doing the same. To all the people who allowed us to walk their property to search and to those who allowed us to put our trap on their property. To all the tipsters who called with leads. To everyone who shared the endless amount of sighting posts on their facebook pages. To everyone who offered encouraging words of hope.  To all the mail carriers who kept her flyer in their trucks and some who even called with leads. To Ferguson Printing who printed flyers with last minute notice and allowed us to pick them up even when they were closed for business! To my friend Sheri and her husband who spent many hours searching with us. Sheri even willingly chased leads of a dead dog on the side of the highway and then offered to go look at a dog who had been killed by a coyote. Sheri was always there when we needed her and we had never met her before this nightmare began. You are a dear friend and we will never forget all you did for us! To Janice and her husband who was also very active in our search. To all the businesses who allowed us to post her flyer on their doors and bulletin boards, including my work. To all her Angels up above who guided her. Most importantly, thank you to the Angel named Melissa in Fenton who was the only person in all 8 weeks who was able to capture Stormie and return her to us!  To God, you are an AWESOME God! Thank you for answering all our prayers and for protecting Stormie while she was lost. I hope I’m not forgetting anyone! There was so many people, complete strangers we have never met, who helped in so many ways! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU TO YOU ALL!!!!!! 


Ranch Update!

Hello Hello to all you fine folks! Ok so, I had every intention in making a daily entry to take you along with us on our journey from city life to country living, but that didn’t happen, my apologies! What happened was, we no longer have easy access to the internet and our wi-fi in our city house was shut off a week early. Then of course there was the, what seemed to be, endless moving which of course took up every last spare second I had! So I am going to do my best to take you on that journey in 1 entry! So, go grab a beverage of choice, sit back and entry the ride!

January 7, 2014 we took possession of our new home. The temperature that day was a high of -4F degrees! Our 400 foot driveway was completely impassable with about 3 feet of snow. We had to wait in the road in our van for the plow guy to plow us out. Then when he was just about finished, the propane guy had to drop our new propane tank and get the heat turned on. We celebrated by going out to lunch while the house warmed above freezing! 2200 square feet on a basement is a lot of house to warm up when the outside temp is THAT cold! It didn’t take hours, it took days! The basement serves as a refrigerator under the house, it’s crazy!

Now that it is ours, we have ALOT of work to do before we can move in officially in 2 weeks! Can we do it? NOOOOOO but…….

On January 26th we said our final good-byes to our city home at 10 pm that night we handed the keys over to the new owners. For the almost 2 full weeks leading up to this day, we rented, count them, about (6)16 foot moving trucks !! On top of I don’t even know how many loads in our van! Yes, we have a lot of stuff! Almost every trip from the old house to the new, which is a 45 minute drive in good conditions, was in snow and ice covered roads at a slow speed which doubled the drive time! It was absolutely INSANE! Those are stories we will be telling for years to come! One of the best (in my opinion) is how we managed to move all 38 chickens and their coops and runs! The chickens have 2 huge coops that weigh around 400-500 pounds each! They were not only buried in about 16 inches of snow but in ice as well! We had to hook up the hose to the laundry tub and turn on the hot water to actually thaw and pry them out! Each coop took about an hour and a half, but this was the easy part! Their runs were another story, or I should say the big run was a story in itself. We use a large chain link dog kennel as a chicken run. This is something that took me a weekend to assemble to begin with. Here’s the deal, the chickens needed to be out of their temporary cages and back into their coops and run by the end of the day! So, that meant that somehow we had to move the run in one piece! Down the highway, in the snow, in an hour long trip! I started thawing it and prying it out of the snow and ice, little by little at 8:30 in the morning! At 3:00 in the afternoon, it was free! It took 4 people to pry it out and lift it up and carry it to the truck. Only 2 BIG problems! #1. it wouldn’t fit thru the gate between the deck and the garage, so 4 of us had to lift it up 8 feet into the air, up and over the deck to the driveway. Chain link fencing weighs a ton! Problem #2 we had an 8 foot wide truck which we thought would be enough for the run that is 7 feet wide, but oh no! So, thankfully my Dad had a trailer we could borrow, one that just barely was big enough to handle it! That was luck my friends. It took a lot for the guys to get it tied down enough to make the long trip. It was 11pm before the chickens were back in their coops and run again at the new house! Telling you about it is one thing, actually seeing this mayhem in progress was a whole other story! Believe it or not the snow and ice, as much of a problem it was, actually worked in our favor once everything was thawed out of it. It made moving everything which was extremely heavy, easier because all we had to do was put a couple 2x4s under it and “ski” it along.

Ok so now, we’re all moved in YAY! The house is anything but move in ready so we are “camping” for now. Every room is under renovations and every floor is being replaced and every wall painted. This is chaotic and stressful but fun nonetheless. It is so beautiful here! Once we get the inside more photogenic, I will post pictures for ya’ll to see. Until then, we remain “under construction.”

The Dogs: they are adjusting to having a temporary much smaller yard to play in but are happy, so they’re good. In the Spring when the ground thaws we will put in a permanent yard for them much bigger then they’ve ever had! We have bred our black girl “Storm” and hope to learn soon that we are expecting another litter of sweet Buhund puppies! So if you’re interested in reserving one, email us at if puppies are in the near future, they will be born in early April and ready to come home with you in June.

Stay tuned for more Ranch updates and a closer, more personal look of Rose Shadow Ranch’s new home in Holly Michigan!


Day 1 ~ On Our New Farm

Holly house







January 7, 2014 the day to close, the day that will make the farm officially ours is finally here! It’s the coldest day of the year thus far, with a high temp. of -4 degrees and the coldest day we’ve seen in our area in several years! It was a cold day but also a pretty one with the sun shining. The low for the day was -14 and the wind chills were in the -30 to -40 degree range! Just 2 days prior, we had a big snow storm which dumped a foot of fresh snow on us! We picked a fine day to buy a new house wouldn’t you say so!

H. House1

So we get all the papers signed and off we go! The plan for the day was to drive up to the house to meet the propane company who is scheduled to come drop off and fill a new tank so we can have heat until we get our wood burning stove installed. Then we were going to drive back down to Royal Oak to pick up a moving truck and empty our storage unit to move up to the new house. Well……things didn’t quite go as planned!

After leaving the closing, on our way up to the farm, our drive was less than favorable! The highway was a mess from the big snow 2 days ago and that mixed with negative degree temperatures means ineffective salt which means miles of black ice! We saw 1 accident after another and even a roll over! It was a scary drive but we made it! While driving, my husband thought he would touch base with the plow guy to make sure the driveway was clear for the propane truck. My husband had drove out to the farm the night before for our final walk thru to find the driveway was snowed in with snow drifts that were up to his thighs and he’s 6’1!! There was no way the propane was getting delivered in that! Well, the plow guy forgot all about our last minute deal to clear the driveway which is about 200 feet long! It all worked out thankfully!

H. House2







By the time he was done the propane was there! That leads us to another problem. The old propane tank is in the backyard, with snow so deep, they couldn’t get the truck back there so they had to temporarily set the new tank in the front yard right next to the driveway until Spring. As luck would have it, we actually like it better here so we may make it it’s permanent position.

H. House3







Once they got the heat on, it was time for us to go grab some late lunch while the house warmed up above freezing so we could get something done! We cancelled the moving truck because of the roads so we were not able to do much this first day.

After lunch, it was back to the farm. We started to cut out the old nasty carpet and disinfect the place. Day #1 is complete! Tomorrow is a whole new day!


Rose Shadow Ranch, In The Beginning!

After a long and grueling road Rose Shadow Ranch has a new home in Holly Michigan!!

Let me take you on a journey from the beginning. For several years Rose Shadow Ranch resided in the city! That’s right, the city! It all started almost 8 years ago when a friend and fellow alpaca breeder taught us about the wonderful world of alpacas (this is also the same friend who got us involved in raising Norwegian Buhunds). My husband and I both have always set out to work for ourselves as much as possible, so raising alpacas was almost a no brainer for us. We took out a home equity loan to purchase our first animal at the tune of almost $19,000! We purchased her from that same friend who taught us everything we know about alpacas. She was a beautiful 5 year old girl named “Buffy.” Buffy was also confirmed pregnant so we kind of got a 2 for 1 deal. We arranged boarding with our friend since, after all, we live in the city! We then planned on buying a farm within 2-5 years thinking alpacas were going to be our new business adventure.

Buffy went on to give birth to a beautiful rose grey boy we named “Storm.” We were lucky enough to sell Storm by the time he was weaned from his mother and made half our original investment back! Now that we had our first alpacas and sale we thought we were well on our way to having our plans work in our favor so we purchased another pregnant girl from a farm in Ohio. It wasn’t long after our second alpaca purchase that our economy started to take a nose dive. Our animals started to lose value, we started to lose money and it was downhill from there for several years! Our dream to buy a farm was becoming farther and farther out of our reach. To make a long story short, we sold off our herd of 6 alpacas, all except Buffy, who we continued to breed and sell her babies (crias) just trying to keep “our foot in the door” hoping that things would go back up again and soon! No such luck. However, Buffy is still a resident of Rose Shadow Ranch today and still resides on our friend’s farm where we board her.

From the time I was a little girl, I just loved the country! I knew I wanted a country life at some point in my life, whether it was a summer cottage or a permanent residence, I knew I ultimately wanted to live on a farm! For 1 reason or another, leaving the city was proving to be very challenging! So I decided to make the most of what I had. I learned our city allowed backyard chickens so 2 1/2 years ago I went out and got me some chickens! A couple backyard chickens opened up a whole new world for me! The idea of raising our own food inspired me so much! A couple chickens led me to making friendships with other people who were doing the same thing! Those couple chickens quickly turned into a bigger backyard farming experience. Within a year, I had 10 chickens, 2 ducks and a flock of Coturnix Quail along side a rather large garden. Then I decided to take it 1 step further by planting a couple of fruit trees and bushes, and start making my own anything I could from laundry soap to bread to learning how to preserve food through canning and dehydrating and then some! All of this on a quarter acre! As you can imagine, we were running out of room and quickly! I realized that a self sufficient lifestyle suited me and ultimately, it’s what I want for my family. The cost of living in the city is ridiculously high here! I’m sick to death with struggling to stretch every dollar made and still not come out on top! Things needed to change!

After a long and challenging road of a bad economy, job loss and a debt crisis, we made the decision to sell our city home, a home that I have known my entire life because the house has been in my family since it was built in 1952. My Dad grew up in this house and now, we are raising our kids in that same house. It had so much sentimental value to me! It was very bittersweet to sell my families home but the reality is, I couldn’t let a building keep me from what I wanted to do with my life. Plus, we simply can not afford to continue to live here with a mortgage over $1000 and a water bill that always was over $250 every 3 months not to mention the other monthly bills! I get to take all the memories with me and in the end, it’s the memories that I cherish! So up for sale it went in September 2013. It wasn’t long after we listed it that we got our first offer! At first we turned it down, but in the end it was that first offer that we did end up accepting. By Thanksgiving, the house was sold! Now, the home we once owned, we now are renting! During this whole process we found our farm! 10 gorgeous acres 45 minutes north from our city life in Holly MI. It was another long and grueling road to get it to the point of being ours but on January 7, 2014 we closed on our farm and officially it was ours!

Now that you have a re-cap of our lives over the last 10 years and a visual of how we got to this place right here, right now, in our lives, tune in regularly for a day by day play on how we go from backyard city farming to self sufficient homesteading. It should be an interesting road and we do hope you will join us in our journey!

Curing Plantar’s Warts-in a very unusual way!

Ok so this isn’t farm related but can be categorized under natural living.

My son was complaining about the bottom of his foot being a little tender in 1 spot, so after taking a look at it, I discovered he had a plantar wart. I once had 1 that was so big (although it didn’t look big to look at) that it had to be cut out and treated with acid and it was an extensive process to get rid of not to mention painful. Thinking my son was in for the same treatment, I took him to the pediatrician.  Now, before I tell you her amazing treatment I should tell you that even though we like to live as organically and naturally as possible, we still see a regular M.D. when needed even though I always turn down their prescribed pharmaceuticals. My kids’ pediatrician knows this about me and respects it! She knows I don’t want her man made drugs to fix what ails us, so she’s always excited to tell me her methods of “natural” treatment and this one was no exception! She says to me, “you’re going to love this, but you may also think I’m a little crazy.” She said no freezing or cutting or treatment with acid is needed! Yep, I thought, “what the heck are you thinking!” She said to soak his foot in just some warm water for 15 minutes, then after thoroughly drying, place a strip of duct tape over the wart and sleep with it on over night. Take off in the morning and repeat every night until the wart is gone! She said this could take a few weeks but scientific studies have shown this method to be more effective then the wart removers, freezing, cutting or being treated with acid! I was floored!! I guess it’s true what they say about duct tape, that it’s a “fix all” for everything! I bet you’re wondering how duct tape can cure a plantar wart right? Here’s how: plantar warts are a virus. To effectively treat it, it has to be “killed.” The duct tape actually suffocates the virus hence destroying the wart killing the virus! How cool is that! If only we could do use this method for every type of virus we become infected with!

Now, you will have to check back in a few weeks to see if it really did work, but so far so good, I am seeing changes!


Puppy Drama

Whoever said puppies were a lot of work, probably never tried raising 2 at once because saying they’re a lot of work is an understatement! We have raised a few pups in our days, but last night we had a first. While petting and snuggling our sweet Mo, I noticed he had a “dingleberry” hanging from his backside. I grabbed a piece of paper towel to pull it off for him and realized that it was connected to a really long piece of hair (I have really long hair so this happens sometimes.) I quickly discovered it wasn’t hanging from a hair, it was hanging from a piece of dental floss!! So I pulled and then he started to yip, so it was time for good ole google. My husband googled this and we learned that dental floss is extremely dangerous to dogs! YIKES, I thought we were in for a long night at the emergency vet, not to mention this wouldn’t be cheap! Come to find out, the dental floss can get tangled around their intestines and cause a mountain of problems that could result in death! Poor Mo Mo! I wasn’t panicked…..yet anyway, I figured since it was already hanging out of his backside then it must be working itself out and he will pass it the next time he goes poo. We decided to wait that out before we take a trip to doggie E.R. Sure enough, not long after he went poo. So now here’s visual for you, I went outside equipped with a flashlight and some paper towel. Searched and quickly found his steaming pile o’ poo. I brought it inside to dissect it! I’m sure you have a good visual now, and it’s a good thing there is no scratch and sniff button! Luckily, he passed the whole wad of floss! Puppies are such a handful!!


Ranch Update!

Ok, so it’s been a longggg time since I’ve posted. My sincere apologies. We have busier then usual here. We have sold our home and are in the process of buying a new farm. We will be relocating to Holly MI on 10 acres by the end of December and we are so excited!! Stay tuned for more on this.

The Buhunds are all doing wonderful! Cherokee is now fully recovered from her huge litter of 8 puppies back in July and all 8 puppies are doing excellent in their new homes!

Stormie just turned 2 years old November 8th and passed both her eye (CERF) test and her hip (OFA) test! We are waiting for her to go in heat and then we will breed our black beauty. Should be any time now. Stay tuned for announcements on expected puppies.

Alpaca news: Buffy has been ultrasounded and is expecting her cria in May! Cinnamon, her last cria, was just sold and will soon be leaving for her new home.

So many plans are being made for the new farm and I am looking forward to sharing all of them with you as they happen. Stay tuned for new arrivals on the farm both from our current animals and those to come.