Stormie’s First Litter Is Here!

Our beautiful and rare black beauty “Stormie” has finally had her first litter! On Friday January 22, 2016 she delivered a healthy litter of 3 males!

rare black female Norwegian Buhund "Storm"

rare black female Norwegian Buhund “Storm”

Allow me to take you back on our journey with Stormie……

Stormie came to us at 13 months old (she’s now 4 years old) she was a kennel dog, never socialized or trained in any way! She was afraid of EVERYTHING from people to stepping foot inside the house, to stairs and even the TV! We were determined to make her a house dog with all our others and make her part of our family. Let me just say, this dog is AMAZING! She is one smart cookie! It didn’t take long before she was house broken and following simple commands. Now she is our best listener and a big spoiled lap dog! If you’ve been following us long enough, you might even remember her 8 week long runaway journey less than 2 months after we moved to our farm. In case you don’t know that story, here’s a quick recap…..she had gotten out of the yard and was lost for 8 WEEKS!! No one could catch her! Remember, she’s afraid of people from never being socialized as a puppy. We tried everything to get her back, we wallpapered our town, had search crews out day and night…..we spared no expense in finding her. After 8 weeks and 1 day, a very stormy Spring day, brought Stormie home! Go figure, a storm brought Stormie home! Prior to her 8 week long adventure we had her artificially inseminated. While she was lost, we feared she would deliver her puppies out in the woods somewhere and not only would she be lost out there, but her puppies too! Thank God, the procedure didn’t take and she did NOT have puppies out there somewhere! That was breeding attempt #1. Breeding attempt #2 took place almost a year later. This time she was bred naturally and for some unknown reason, that breeding also did not take and there was once again, no puppies to be had by Stormie. That brings us to today. Another year has gone by at this point and we once again attempted to breed our rare and beautiful black beauty. Voila’! Luck was on our side this time and as mentioned at the top, she delivered 3 healthy male puppies!

Stormie's 3 male Buhund puppies

Stormie’s 3 male Buhund puppies

I’m also happy to report that considering her puppies seem to be in high demand, they were all spoken for by 2 days old! Well…..let me clarify, 2 were all spoken for……we had been hoping and praying to get an all black male from her with minimal white markings which is typical for a black Norwegian Buhund and low and behold, she delivered that puppy we have longed for!

Stay tuned for more updates on this sweet and special all black male that we are currently calling “Smokey.”

All black male Buhund we dreamed of!

All black male Buhund we dreamed of!