PUPPIES……coming soon, expected mid June 2013!

Cherokee wins an AKC Major Event.

Cherokee wins an AKC Major Event.

Great news for Buhund Lovers and for Rose Shadow Ranch!!  “Cherokee” has passed her hip (OFA) and eye (CERF) tests and is good to go with breeding!!

Cherokee has champion bloodlines and beautifully correct conformation.  She is the sweetest dog and great with the kids and helping on the farm!  We are very excited to see what this two time AKC Major winner can produce!!  This will be her first litter!



Pedigrees for both dogs available upon request.  Sire to be announced soon!

Puppies expected mid June 2013!

Reservations for puppies now being accepted!

Don’t miss your chance to have one of these beautiful and rare puppies!!

Email us for more information – [email protected]

Feather Sexing Peeps

Here at the ranch, we have lots of feathered and furry friends, my favorites are the chickens!  I just love the chickens and I love hatching eggs and raising up chicks!  I’ve successfully hatched out hundreds of cute little fluffy butts and I have to say, it never gets old!



This last hatch was my smallest yet most successful to date!  Out of 9 eggs, 8 hatched!! I have 5 lovely Plymouth Barred Rocks and 3 beautiful Olive Eggers!  I am trying to master the skill of feather sexing, which is supposed to be effective with certain breeds only.  If I’m right, I have 4 pullets and 1 cockerel in the PBRs and 1 pullet and 2 cockerels in the OEs.  We shall see.  Do you know how to feather sex day old chicks? Are you successful at it?

The picture to the left is from the “Chicken Encyclopedia” it shows how to tell the difference in wing feathers in chicks 1-3 days old.  You’ll notice they both have 2 layers of feather “quills.”  Pullets have a shorter second layer whereas a cockerel has a longer second layer.  As a matter of fact, cockerels 2 layers are almost even.

cockerel feathers

This first picture is of one of my Olive Egger chicks.  At 3 days old, I believe this is a cockerel.  It was difficult to fan the wings out so you could clearly see the difference in lengths, they were quite even!

The second picture is of one of my Plymouth Barred Rock chicks.  At 3 days old, I believe this is a pullet.  Notice you can clearly see the difference in the 2 lengths.

What do you think?

pullet feathers