We Are Now Approved Breeders!!

Great News!!  We are officially approved breeders with the Norwegian Buhund Club! There is only a small handful of approved breeders and we are very honored to now be 1 of them!!

Visit www.buhund.org for the complete list and to learn more about this wonderful, AKC recognized rare breed!


Cherokee wins an AKC Major Event.

Cherokee wins an AKC Major Event.

Storm 2

Protecting Your Flock

Late last night we had a predator visit our yard.  Not sure what it was, we never got a good look at it before the dogs chased it off (the Norwegian Buhund is a great protector of the farm and you can reserve your puppy now from our litter expected July 2013) but whatever it was, it had the chickens making such a racket!

Over the warmer months, we do not lock our chickens up in their coop at night due to the heat.  The chicken coop is inside the chicken run.  In the 2 years we’ve been raising chickens we have not lost a single one to a predator!  Our secret…..a chicken run that’s built like Fort Knox!  No one is getting in!  Here we have to worry about raccoons, opossums, hawks and skunks, but there’s also fox and coyote which are a little rarer but around nonetheless.  Our chicken run is also inside our fenced in yard.

The chicken’s run is a large chain link dog kennel.  Chain link is not sufficient itself in keeping your chickens safe from predators.  Raccoons and opossums especially, can reach thru and pull them out!  It doesn’t seem possible but believe me when I say it is! The bottom 3 feet of the run is also wrapped with chicken wire on the inside!  You do not want it on the outside because chicken wire is also not a sufficient aid in protection.  Many predators can either chew right thru it or pull it down/off.  Then we used hardware cloth which is much stronger than chicken wire to create a “roof” on the top of the run.  This prevents anything from flying or climbing in and we make sure our roosts are low enough to be out of reach from would be “grabbers” from above.  Now for the issue of diggers from underneath.  We again used hardware cloth and anchored it flat on the ground 3 feet out from the bottom of the run on the outside.  Then we put large patio blocks on top of that all the way around the run.  Our ground was too hard to bury it so that’s why we laid it flat.  It didn’t take long for it to disappear under the soil and grass.

If you live in a more rural area then southeast MI you may have to tweak this a bit depending on what predators you have to worry about.  I will tell you that this is no challenge for larger more dangerous animals such as bear or mountain lions, but it has worked great for us!

Special Sale Price On A Baby Alpaca! One Week Only!!

Rose Shadow’s Cinnamon

Rose Shadow's Cinnamon









She is Full Peruvian, Grand daughter of the famous Nic Nac, daughter of beautiful grey herdsire Grey Wing.  Check out the dark silver around her nose and the beautifully long grey eyelashes.   She is ready to come to your farm and all this for a special price of only $600.00!!  First come first serve basis.



Commercial Chicken

I was just reading a variety of articles on the commercial chicken industry on the internet. I am not going to share any of them because I don’t want a bunch of arguments or debates going on here. But, I will say, commercial chicken is DISGUSTING! Not only disgusting but UNHEALTHY for you too! I will tell you that I realize that raising your own chickens for meat is not for everyone however, if you’re going to buy commercial chicken think twice! I can’t remember which one it is, but either Purdue or Tyson has a commercial where they claim their chickens are fed a “vegetarian” diet. Let me make this clear, CHICKENS ARE NOT VEGETARIANS THEY ARE OMNIVORES! A vegetarian diet is not a healthy diet for a chicken!! Instead buy your chicken from a reputable local farmer, one that does not feed their chickens primarily corn. One that does not inject with vaccinations or antibiotics, or where the “farm” has so many chickens they can’t turn around and they stand and lay down in their filth!

Ever wonder why we as Americans seem to have so many medical issues these days? Why the cancer rates are sky high? Why more and more people have gluten issues? Why our children seem to be being diagnosed more and more with learning disabilities, food allergies, and behavioral issues? The list goes on……IT’S THE FOOD WE EAT AND THE TOXIC ENVIRONMENT WE LIVE IN!

We are blessed to be able to raise our own chickens for meat. They live a happy and healthy life prior to making it to our dinner table. They free range on bugs, grass, weeds, seeds, and whatever else they like to eat in our chemical free yard. They live the life they would if they were wild, as it should be. We will NEVER buy disgusting and unhealthy commercial chicken from a grocery store ever again!