Stormie Update: 1 Month Home

June 12th marked 1 month since Stormie came home! 1 month already!? It’s hard to believe isn’t it!

After 8 weeks and 1 day on the run and 1 month back home, she continues to do well. She is definitely different but yet the same. She still loves attention and is the “attention hog” and a big baby! Thunderstorms once scared her, but now they terrify her! She used to just bark at loud claps of thunder but now she shakes like a leaf in the wind.

She lived threw many storms while on the run for those 8 long weeks, and just about every kind of storm our area sees. Thunderstorms, snow storms, high winds, hail etc.. and if you remember, it was a stormy day that finally brought our Stormie home! She just gave herself up to a complete stranger and we believe she did so because that day in particular was a bad storm day around here and she had just had enough of being alone, scared, wet and cold!

She went back to the vets on her 1 month anniversary of being back home for another check up and another dose of lyme disease vaccine. She’s doing great!

We continue to spoil her and give thanks for her homecoming! We are blessed indeed!

DSC03249 storm f s 10-4-12