Curing Plantar’s Warts-in a very unusual way!

Ok so this isn’t farm related but can be categorized under natural living.

My son was complaining about the bottom of his foot being a little tender in 1 spot, so after taking a look at it, I discovered he had a plantar wart. I once had 1 that was so big (although it didn’t look big to look at) that it had to be cut out and treated with acid and it was an extensive process to get rid of not to mention painful. Thinking my son was in for the same treatment, I took him to the pediatrician.  Now, before I tell you her amazing treatment I should tell you that even though we like to live as organically and naturally as possible, we still see a regular M.D. when needed even though I always turn down their prescribed pharmaceuticals. My kids’ pediatrician knows this about me and respects it! She knows I don’t want her man made drugs to fix what ails us, so she’s always excited to tell me her methods of “natural” treatment and this one was no exception! She says to me, “you’re going to love this, but you may also think I’m a little crazy.” She said no freezing or cutting or treatment with acid is needed! Yep, I thought, “what the heck are you thinking!” She said to soak his foot in just some warm water for 15 minutes, then after thoroughly drying, place a strip of duct tape over the wart and sleep with it on over night. Take off in the morning and repeat every night until the wart is gone! She said this could take a few weeks but scientific studies have shown this method to be more effective then the wart removers, freezing, cutting or being treated with acid! I was floored!! I guess it’s true what they say about duct tape, that it’s a “fix all” for everything! I bet you’re wondering how duct tape can cure a plantar wart right? Here’s how: plantar warts are a virus. To effectively treat it, it has to be “killed.” The duct tape actually suffocates the virus hence destroying the wart killing the virus! How cool is that! If only we could do use this method for every type of virus we become infected with!

Now, you will have to check back in a few weeks to see if it really did work, but so far so good, I am seeing changes!


Puppy Drama

Whoever said puppies were a lot of work, probably never tried raising 2 at once because saying they’re a lot of work is an understatement! We have raised a few pups in our days, but last night we had a first. While petting and snuggling our sweet Mo, I noticed he had a “dingleberry” hanging from his backside. I grabbed a piece of paper towel to pull it off for him and realized that it was connected to a really long piece of hair (I have really long hair so this happens sometimes.) I quickly discovered it wasn’t hanging from a hair, it was hanging from a piece of dental floss!! So I pulled and then he started to yip, so it was time for good ole google. My husband googled this and we learned that dental floss is extremely dangerous to dogs! YIKES, I thought we were in for a long night at the emergency vet, not to mention this wouldn’t be cheap! Come to find out, the dental floss can get tangled around their intestines and cause a mountain of problems that could result in death! Poor Mo Mo! I wasn’t panicked…..yet anyway, I figured since it was already hanging out of his backside then it must be working itself out and he will pass it the next time he goes poo. We decided to wait that out before we take a trip to doggie E.R. Sure enough, not long after he went poo. So now here’s visual for you, I went outside equipped with a flashlight and some paper towel. Searched and quickly found his steaming pile o’ poo. I brought it inside to dissect it! I’m sure you have a good visual now, and it’s a good thing there is no scratch and sniff button! Luckily, he passed the whole wad of floss! Puppies are such a handful!!


Ranch Update!

Ok, so it’s been a longggg time since I’ve posted. My sincere apologies. We have busier then usual here. We have sold our home and are in the process of buying a new farm. We will be relocating to Holly MI on 10 acres by the end of December and we are so excited!! Stay tuned for more on this.

The Buhunds are all doing wonderful! Cherokee is now fully recovered from her huge litter of 8 puppies back in July and all 8 puppies are doing excellent in their new homes!

Stormie just turned 2 years old November 8th and passed both her eye (CERF) test and her hip (OFA) test! We are waiting for her to go in heat and then we will breed our black beauty. Should be any time now. Stay tuned for announcements on expected puppies.

Alpaca news: Buffy has been ultrasounded and is expecting her cria in May! Cinnamon, her last cria, was just sold and will soon be leaving for her new home.

So many plans are being made for the new farm and I am looking forward to sharing all of them with you as they happen. Stay tuned for new arrivals on the farm both from our current animals and those to come.