Puppies go to the vet, All is well.

***Bragging post alert!!! The puppies had their 8 week well exams at our vet today. I’m happy to report ALL the puppies got an EXCELLENT report! We also got an EXCELLENT report for being “a responsible breeder who knows what they’re doing.” Dr. Joe was full of praise and compliments and actually thanked us for doing such a good job with not only our dogs but our litters as well! The staff told us they talk about us all the time to other people telling them what good breeders we are.
Breeding dogs isn’t for everyone! It’s a TON of work to do it responsibly and it’s a constant learning process too! I can’t express how nice it is to see all our hard work and dedication to our dogs and our breeding program shine through so much so that our vet and his staff can see it!

We have one beautiful Buhund left available from this litter. Please contact us for more information.
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